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About Phone Numbers

How is it possible to have another phone number?

Swumber manages a pool of virtual number.
A virtual number is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. These numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers , chosen by the client; These calls are then redirected to Swumber app on your smartphone!
As consequence, Swumber can provide you as many as number you wish.

Why do i need another phone number?

First and before all, having another number allows you to protect your privacy.
For example, if you want to sell something nn Internet, but you don't want to give your real personnal phone number to any people reading your annonce. Then Swumber is made for you: buy a virtual number for the time you want, and then you can receive/call on/from this number without sharing your real number.

How long do i need to wait when i order a number?

Once your payment is proceeded, you receive a mail telling number is activated. This is usually done in less than 15 seconds after your Paypal payment.

Can i use my usual number in the same time?

Yes, just go on to pass your calls like you are used to do. If you want to use a Swumber number, use Swumber app. That s simple!

Swumber is working on Iphone?

Yes since Novembre 2016. Just go on App Store and download Swumber app
Once downloaded and registered, you will have to credit your account to order a virtual number and be ablle to call/receive text/calls.


How can i register?

Just download Swumber app in Android store, launch it and follow registration process. You will have to have a valid email (mail validation) and a working mobile phone number (sms validation)

I don't have received email validation, what can i do?

First check in your spam folder.
If you dont find it, contact us

I don't have received validation sms, what can i do?

SMS validation is only sent if you want to call using a swumber account. If you just want to receive call on this number, you will not have to validate your own phone number.
Anyway, if you think you should have received a sms, check you gave internation format for your mobile phone.
If yes, you can contact us

Incoming Calls

How do i receive call on Swumber?

First you have to buy a virtual number. Once done, you can share this number to anyone. All calls received on this number will be received in Swumber application. (Meaning you have to keep swumber working on your phone, with internet connection up)
Incoming calls are billed with rates depending on the number called. Check rates in your personnal area. In any case, this is very low prices!. By the way all calls are billed at the second level.

Can i receive call without swumber working?

No, you need to have an internet connection working and swumber available.

If my phone is swiched off, what happen?

If your phone is switched off, or not connected on the Internet, caller will have the possibility to leave a voice mail.
YOu will then receive an email with message attached to hear that message.

Swumber is running, internet connection is running, but i am receiving notifications saying i was unreachable. Why that?

If your Internet connection is too slow, even if Swumber is running, phone call or sms may have troubles to reach your phone.
In that case, you will then receive an email with notification telling someone tried to call you. Caller will also hear a message telling you was unreachable and he has to try to call again later
We can only suggest to switch on wifi connection as soon as you can.

Outcoming Calls

How do i call with Swumber?

First you have to have a virtual number by following registration process.
Second you need to have credit on your account (remind we offer you 1e for each number you rent)

After that, you will be able to call anyone in the world with your virtual number (meaning people will only see this virtual number as called id - protecting your real own number)

Calls are billed depending on routes. Check our rates for more details.


Can i use texting on Swumber?

Rules are the same than for calls :-)